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Predictive error detection for real estate:
avoid unnecessary risk and cost by detecting errors before they happen

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About Soundsensing

Soundsensing offers a condition monitoring system for the office- and hotel sector, complete with sensors, software and market leading machine learning anomaly detection technology. With our technology, we can help you detect errors in your technical rooms before they happen - enabling you to deliver a next generation quality of service to your customers.

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Data driven predictive maintenance

our solution

An end-to-end system using machine learning to predict and detect irregularities in technical infrastructure.

See the power of data driven condition monitoring, previously only available for heavy industry,  now brought to the commercial real estate market.


Our happy customers

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We welcome any steps to making our building management more proactive, and less reactive.

Even Gunnberg Skistad
Prosjektansvarlig, AKA

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Continuously monitoring our technical infrastructure helps us being more proactive, and ensure an even better experience for our tenants.

André Dalene
Environmental Manager, Eiendomsspar

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By catching errors before they happen, we are able to increase the level of quality in the services we provide. Proactive management, and proactive maintenance, is clearly the only way to go.

Robert Skramstad
Daglig leder Malling & Co Technology

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Often, noise from fans and pumps during start-up can be indicative of an error waiting to happen. This can be hard to detect this during normal check-up rounds, because you can't always be present when the machines start/stop

Ole Sørlie
Head of Operations at Ski Storsenter, Thon Eiendom

We are Soundsensing.
We use sound to predict the future.

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We believe in sound science

In Soundsensing, we are spearheading research in our field,
and we are always happy to share our knowledge.

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