Optimise building management with Soundsensing

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Set up

We’re trying to make your life easier, and this is reflected in our simple installation process. Installation is done by the buildings local technician - and requires fixing the sensor to the wall, and pressing a button. It’s up to you if you want communication via mobile network or Ethernet.

install sensors


Install sensors

Just fix the sensor to a wall in the technical room and press the on-button, and you’re live!

our AI listens for errors


Our AI listens for errors

The system has a 30-day calibration period. Our algorithms picks out irregularities in part by knowing the normal patterns of the room.

get full insight


Get full insight

Enjoy full oversight of your technical rooms, from anywhere, via your preferred platform - our app or integrated with your system.


Detect failure in your infrastructure before it happens.

increase tenant satisfaction

Increase tenant satisfaction

High quality operations and no surprises ensures happy customers.

reduce cost

Reduce cost

Buy the right part, at the right time, at the right price.

reduce carbon footprint

Reduce carbon footprint

Fewer unnecessary car rides to check that everything is indeed OK.

increase uptime

Increase uptime

Move on from reactive to proactive maintenance.

Hearing is believing

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