Customer Case - Thon Eiendom

Thon Eiendom has been, and continues to be an important customer and early adopter of predictive error detection technology.

Given the size of their organization, excellent expertise in building management and their commitment to digitalisation and a greener commercial real estate sector, Thon Eiendom has proven to be a highly valuable customer and sparring partner for Soundsensing.

We believe that the really great solutions of tomorrow must be made in the intersection between innovative technology companies and established companies with bona fide problem experience. Working closely with Thon Eiendom, one of Norways largest and most innovative real estate companies is nothing short of a pleasure.

Have a look at the video we made together, giving you a quick "what, how and why" predictive error detection is the way to go. Alerting of errors before they happen!

If you're interested in learning more about predictive error detection using sound and vibration analysis, please feel free to fill out our contact form below: